Words cannot really describe the excitement and success of this convention.  Mary Galentine explained during the two evening opening ceremonies, all the committee members, who worked so hard preparing for the convention, deserve the credit for its success. 

Co-chairs Dennis Budinski and Mary Galentine  

Thanks Dennis and Mary, and COCDC members, for this great Convention.


 The festivities began at 7 AM on Thursday, with a demonstration for the Fox Entertainment Channel 28 of Columbus.  There were five squares square dancing for this demonstration being telecast live over Channel 28, and this also proves, you can get square dancers out at any time of day. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013, – Trail End Dance for the 53rd Ohio State Dance Convention,  Aladdin Shrine Conference Center, Callers Tom Strickland and Jack Pladdys, and Cuer Phyllis Burdette.  It was reported the Plus dance floor was packed during both the squares and rounds. 

May 3 and 4, 2013, 53rd Ohio State Dance Convention, Two Enchanted Evenings, by COCDC in Columbus, Ohio, Aladdin Shrine Conference Center.

Entering the main entrance door, we were welcomed by some of our COCDC friends. Just inside, there was a young gentleman, between the age of 10 to 12, playing a grand piano, very difficult songs, he was good. 

Next, we are greeted by the friendly smiles of more of our COCDC friends, at the registration desk. 

The COCDC quilt was opposite the registration desk. 

The council/federation displays were next.  The Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Federation. received the award this year (the one on the left in the picture above). 

The COCDC display had to be a close second, it looks great, thanks. 

 At the end was a table with 20 plus “Gorgeous Baskets” filled with all sorts of goodies. Editors Note: As a coin collector, I fell in love with a coin clock that had birds on every coin, and I don’t know how many tickets I put in, but I got the clock, thanks Fred of Rhythm Reelers, for making the clock. 

 The first dance hall we encounter is the DBD/Advance/Challenge dance hall.  

On the right, we find the Mainstream and Lines hall, and found Jason Raleigh doing the calling.  During the “Singles Meet-Greet-Dance” on Friday afternoon, there were nine squares attending. 

Across the hallway was the large Round Dance Hall, a very specious room and with a wood floor.  During the daytime, there were several “Teach” sessions. Thanks to all the cuers who shared your time and talents for the dancers to enjoy. 

 I noticed that later in the evenings, this floor was packed with three rings, like when Linda Bishop and Stuart Lewis were cuing.

Around the corner and into the big room, the Plus hall, where things moved fast and the excitement was high. 


 What I like about going to the State Convention is, seeing my square dance friends again, from all over Ohio. 

 A summery of attendance, there were 695 pre-registration, 131 Walk-ins, for a total of 826 dancers.

One of the most thrilling experience is to dance to the “Yodeling Duo” Pamela Courts and Jason Raleigh.  They are great.


As a side trip, there were three buses to take us to the Ohio State Capital building, where we danced by the front steps, 

 And to the OSU Shotenstien Center, where we had 11 squares dancing. I went inside to the OSU store, and didn’t find any Michigan t-shirts. 


The Happy Squares gave a Friday evening demonstration on advanced square dancing.

Square Dance members from the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Federation are “Building Up Steam” for the 54th Ohio State Dance Convention, to be held May 9 and 10, 2014. 

Mary Galentine passed a newly created “Ohio State Square Dance Torch” on to the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Federation for next years convention.


There were about 320 square dancers having dinner together. 


 The show with Elvis (aka Mike Albert) was simply great, very funny, and he had an excellent singing voice. 


We want to give our personal thanks to Co-chairs Dennis Budinski and Mary Galentine, and to all the COCDC club members that helped put this State Convention together.  This is one great success for the record books now. THANKS.

May 9 and 10, 2014, – 54th Ohio State Dance Convention, by Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky Federation.