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Square Dance Travel Awards 

It is encouraged for H&C members to travel and dance at other club western square dances in Ohio, and across the nation, and to work on the various Friendship Awards.  You will have fun, make new friends, and when you complete the required dances for each award, you will have the satisfaction of completing the award. 

Hicks and Chicks Travel Bars:  A Travel Credit will be credited to a H&C dancers Travel Account, who travels to and dances at a scheduled H&C travel.  These scheduled H&C travels may be to a square dance club, a square dance convention, a square dance special, or a square dance demonstration. Weekend square dance specials or campouts, can be included, if sufficient H&C members wish to dance at the special. We can also consider square dance cruises and trips for travel credits.  An unscheduled travel will count if enough H&C members travel to and dance at a club and Steals or Retrieves a banner. Any dance event will be considered where sufficient H&C members travel to and represent the H&C square dance club.  

A H&C Travel Bar will be awarded for every ten travels up to 100, and for every 25 travels after the first100 travels.

Signatures for all the awards listed below can be obtained during a H&C travel, or can be obtained at any western square dance the dancer travels to as an individual. 

Central Ohio Council of Dance Clubs, Inc. (COCDC):  The COCDC Friendship Badge award requires you to be a club member of a COCDC member club, and traveling to and dancing at all of the other COCDC member clubs (Your own club does not count), getting their presidents signature and date danced on the application form.  There is a 12 month period that this form is to be completed in.  All COCDC member dancers are eligible to work on this award.  In planning for the H&C travels, we plan to travel to every COCDC member club at least once every six months.   Forms are at the Barn, or on line. 

Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs, Inc. (State Corp):  The Ohio Friendship Badge award requires visiting and dancing at all of the eight councils or federations of the State Corp, however one Ohio State Convention can be substituted for one of the required eight councils or federations.  There is not any time limit to complete this award.   In planning for the H&C travels, we plan to travel to a club in every Ohio Corps federation/council once every year.  Also included in planned travels are the Ohio State Convention and the National Convention if nearby.   

United Square Dancers of America (USDA), USA Traveler National Friendship Award:  The official forms are at the Barn, and you can receive a different color bar for traveling to and dancing at square dance clubs in 12 different states. This can include a state or national convention.  There is not any time limit to complete this award.

Caller “Century Club” Award:  The official book is secured from   and must be filled out according to their “10 Golden Rules”.  Basically, the rules are 1) Dance to 100 authorized Western style Callers, 2) No duplication of callers autographs, 3) Autographs of callers must be obtained and danced on the date of the dance, 4) Autographs must be in the official Century Club book. 5) No more than 3 callers’ autographs will be recognized for any one date.  10) No time limitation for obtaining certification.  Rules 6 through 9 provide information on mailing in the completed book and prices on securing the badges.

Unfortunately, they have not developed a Cuer “Century Club” Award. 

In an effort to provide the H&C members the opportunity to work on their COCDC and State Corps Friendship Badge awards, and caller Century Club award, we will schedule travels to the various square dance clubs, and include a mixture of our favorite callers and cuers, and callers and cuers that are not normally calling in this area.

In the event Nancy or I were not at a scheduled dance, please advise us the number of days you danced so you can receive your proper travel credits.

We can not give an award for this, but, another reward of square dancing not mentioned above is VERY important, your health.  A typical square dance is equivalent to a four to five mile walk, only you take smaller steps.  Sometimes, you have to hurry; bringing your heartbeat up, this is good.  No doubt, square dancing is a very excellent exercise. 

It is important for all dancers to have FUN, and as we are having fun dancing and visiting with others in our square, and around the dance floor, we are building FRIENDSHIPS with the other dancers.  Soon, this friendship will extend to other square dancers across Ohio. This is why we encourage dancers to travel to other club dances and specials to build your friends.  Even if there is not a planned travel to a place that you would like to dance at, please go where you want, dance there, have fun, and make new friends

Keep Dancing:  This is necessary to keep your dancing skills up. 

Carl and Nancy Mumford

May 26, 2010

& February 2013