Guidelines for

Hicks and Chicks Travel Credits


The purpose of these guidelines is to explain travel opportunities and awards a H&C member can participate in, and to encourage them to get involved.




Banner Activity- A banner activity is a friendly exchange between two western square dance clubs, where members of one square dance club travel to, and dance at, the other club’s square dance.  The two clubs exchange a traveling banner by “Raiding or Retrieving” the banner.  This banner exchange generally requires four traveling couples (eight persons).  The minimum number of persons required is an agreement between the two clubs involved. 


Because of the singles square dance clubs in the COCDC area, the H&C will accept seven persons as a banner activity.  Visitors to the H&C using the COCDC student graduate free pass, or a H&C free pass will be counted, for their club, for banner activity.  Not all clubs exchange banners because of the distance to travel between the two clubs.


Caller or Cuer - A caller or cuer is a person who is an active member of Caller Lab or Round Lab, and who currently calls or cues at square or round dance clubs.


COCDC- Central Ohio Council of Dance Clubs.  H&C is a member club of COCDC.


COCDC free passes - A graduating student of a COCDC member western square dance class will be given one free pass to allow one free admittance to most of the COCDC member clubs square dance.  This free pass will be valid to the end of the calendar year. 


Demonstration- A pre-scheduled demonstration or recruitment activity to demonstrate to the public or a group, what western square dancing is like, and that we have FUN doing it.


H&C- The Hicks and Chicks Club.


H&C member- Any active Hicks and Chicks Club member.


Neutral- Neither of two square dance clubs holds the banner of the other club.


Retrieve- When the Hicks and Chicks banner is held by another square dance club, and H&C members travel to that club to RETRIEVE the banner.     Or.    The Hicks and Chicks holds the banner of another square dance club, and that club’s members travel to a Hicks and Chicks square dance to RETRIEVE their banner.


Raid - Neither of two square dance clubs hold the banner of the other club, and one of the clubs travel to, and dances at, the other club. This travel is known as a banner RAID.


Sufficient H&C Members- During a time where there is not a pre-scheduled H&C activity, a H&C member plans an unscheduled western square dance travel, demonstration, or outing, where at least four couples (eight dancers) travel to, and dance at, a western square dance event.  As many H&C members as possible, must be contacted/ advised of this event, so all H&C members may participate, if they wish.  This is to encourage H&C members to plan, travel, and dance as a club, even for unscheduled activities. 


Travel- A travel is, western square dance club members traveling to, and dancing at, another square dance club, convention, demonstration, and/or special event or weekend.


Two-sided Banner- A dedicated banner between two square dance clubs, and that banner only travels between these two clubs. Currently, the H&C share a two-sided banner with Dixie Squares.


Visitor- Non Dancer- It is encouraged for non-dancers to come to any H&C dance, observe the dancing, and discuss with us our western square dance activates.  Just tell at the sign-in desk you want to watch, and there will not be any charge. We welcome you. 


Visitor Sign In- All visitors to the H&C who are going to dance, are to sign in to become eligible for the various drawings.  This is to include those visitors with a free pass and visiting callers and cuers.  If the visitor is representing a square dance club, they should add their clubs name to the sign in sheet.  If they list two clubs names, only the first (or top) club name will be used for the banner activity count.


Travel Credits


A H&C club member travels to a H&C pre-scheduled western square dance at another square dance club’s dance. The travel does not require it to be a retrieve or raid. 


A H&C club member contacts as many other H&C club members as possible, for an unscheduled western square dance travel, not at a time of a pre-scheduled H&C event.  A minimum of four couples (eight persons) traveling and dancing at the dance will earn each person a travel credit.  Each dancer or couple is to advise the banner chair of their travel for credit.


A H&C club member participates in a pre-scheduled H&C demonstration of western square dancing.  This can include a live caller or a taped recording of an ASCAP covered caller.  It is encouraged for H&C members to set up demonstrations in the Marion-Morrow Co. area whenever possible.


Traveling to, and dancing at, the Ohio State Square Dance Convention and/or the National Square Dance Convention will earn each dancer a travel credit for each day danced. This does not include the trail-in and trail-out dances unless it is a H&C pre-scheduled square dance activity.


Traveling to, and dancing at, pre-scheduled special club weekends, caller weekends, or special type weekends, will earn each dancer a travel credit for each day danced.  Each dancer is to advise the banner chair of their dancing for credit.


Participating as an Angel during lessons or workshops, does not qualify for travel credits.  Participating at H&C club picnics or gatherings, does not qualify for travel credits. H&C regular and special dances where guests are invited, do not qualify for travel credits.  


Target Travel Options- To assist members to receive square dance awards


COCDC Friendship Badge- A H&C member has 12 months to complete this award after the first signature.  The banner chair will schedule travels to each of the COCDC clubs at least once every six months.  You can also go to any COCDC dance and get their signature as an individual or couple independent of a H&C travel.  The COCDC member clubs, as of January 2013, are as follows:


Bucks and Does Singles, Saint Luke’s United Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio,

Dixie Squares, Fredericktown Board Office, Fredericktown, Ohio,

Friendly Ties, Pickerington Senior Center, Pickerington, Ohio,

Grove City Western Squares, Evans Senior Center, Grove City, Ohio,

Hicks and Chicks, Tomorrow Center, Edison, Ohio,

Little Brown Jug, Mingo Park Complex, Delaware, Ohio,

Maple Leaf Squares, Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 309 West Broadway, Granville,

Orbiting Squares, Community Congregational Church, Gahanna, Ohio,

Rhythm Reelers, Hilliard Presbyterian Church, Hilliard, Ohio,

Westerville Promenaders, Westerville Senior Center, Westerville, Ohio,


Ohio State Friendship Badge- There is not a time limit for a H&C member to complete this award.  The banner chair will schedule travels to each of the Ohio Dance Clubs Inc. (State Corp) councils or federations, over a two year period, so H&C members can work on, and complete their Ohio State Friendship Award.  This requires visiting, and dancing at, seven of the eight councils or federations, and one Ohio State Convention.  You cannot get a COCDC members signature during a raid.  Keep the banner chair advised as to which council or federation you still need to complete your requirements.  You can go to any council or federation dance and get their signature as an individual or couple.  The Ohio Dance Clubs Inc. (State Corp) councils and federations, as of February 2013, are as follows:


Central Ohio Council of Dance Clubs.

Miami Valley Dance Council,

Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Association,

Midwestern Ohio Council of Square and Round Dances,

Greater Cleveland Federation of Dance Clubs, Inc.,

Akron Area Square and Round Dance Federation, Inc.,

Southwestern OH / Northern KY Square Dancers Federation,

East Central Ohio-West Virginia Council.


National Square Dance Bars- The H&C will not be scheduling travels to neighboring states because of distance and travel time.  It is encouraged for H&C members when traveling to other states, to find a western square dance, and work on getting one bar award for every 12 different states.  There is not a time limit.


Caller Century Award- In an effort to provide the H&C members the opportunity to work on their Caller Century Award, we will schedule travels to square dance clubs based on a mixture of our favorite callers, and callers that are not normally calling in this area, i.e. national callers. You can go to any western square dance as an individual or couple, and get the callers signature.  There is not a time limit to complete this award. 


Community Service- These demonstrations to nursing homes and to the general public are for their enjoyment, and to explain to them western square dancing activities.  It is encouraged for all H&C members to set up these public service demonstrations, whenever possible.  You can use tape recordings, if no monetary is involved.


General- The banner chair’s scheduling goal is three or four H&C travel activities each month, which includes: A mixture of raids, retrieves, travels to other clubs regular and special dances; state and national conventions; caller and weekend special dances; and major demonstrations.  Smaller demonstrations will be in addition to the above target activities.


Basically, this should result in five or six opportunities for H&C members to dance every month.  We encourage members to work on their COCDC Friendship Award, Ohio Friendship Award, and The Callers Century Award during these dances.


Carl and Nancy Mumford, Banner Co-Chair

July 10, 2010

& February 2013