Ohio Square Dance Convention, Part Two


This Part Two contains pictures of the Saturday night skit for the: 

53nd Ohio Dance Convention, May 3 and 4, 2013, by the Central Ohio Council of Dance Clubs.  

Nancy Swanberg and Ed Laudenschlager have done an excellent job in creating and producing this kick-off for our 53rd Convention in Columbus.


State Capital


by the Little Brown Jugs 

Columbus Zoo 


by the Westerville Promenaders


Easton Mall


by the Grove City Western Squares



by the Hicks and Chicks 

Ohio State University Cheer Leaders


The Grand Finale 

Squares called by Ed and Rounds cued by Chuck, simultaneously! 

After the Grand March, there were over 35 squares in the Plus Hall


Ed Laudenschlager calling and Chuck Berry cuing, simultaneously!